Muj pribeh (2019)

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Young talented Elizabeth leaves a successful career in ballet for love. The man who has stolen her heart, however, has a dark side, and in a single moment Elizabeth loses everything dear to her in life.

Night Bus to Lagos (2019)

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Night Bus to Lagos

Leo (2019)

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Last customer dies in the first time driver's car.

Odd Couple (2019)

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Odd Couple

Ocean Rescue (2019)

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The first maritime anti-terrorist film in China tells the story of the anti-terrorist personnel of the Chinese police who work closely with the Chinese Navy to finally end the crisis.

Where We Begin (2019)

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Where We Begin

LimoCop (2019)

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New Americans (2019)

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A career driven African American salesman is court ordered to help assimilate a bubbly, family oriented, female Bhutanese refugee in Syracuse, New York.

Deranged Foxhole Deduction (2019)

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A man crosses the precipice from sanity to insanity killing his roommate, then the roommate's long lost daughter and mother and another man. A detective is saved by the zombie bodies.

The More, the Merrier (2019)

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The More, the Merrier

Z (2019)

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A father and daughter fight to survive every day in a world overran by zombies.

Io Sono Vera (2019)

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Vera, a nine-year-old girl, disappears without a trace. Five years later she returns but instead of being a teenager he is a woman of about twenty-five years. She does not remember anything...

All Joking Aside (2019)

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All Joking Aside

Cabezas Encogidas (2019)

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Is a head reduction ritual, where a man captures the soul of the dead, This arouses interest of collectors in the black market, which are willing to pay more than a thousand dollars (...

Life Was That (2019)

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MarĂ­a, a sick older woman and Spanish immigrant in France, shared room with Veronica, a young girl that conveys about the eroticism that Maria always kept asleep. One day, an acute ...

Alone with Her Dreams (2019)

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A story of great women set in an impervious nature, told among the silence of the left unsaid.

Excitement (2019)

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A young man craves excitement.

Amercement (2019)

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Vangelis, a remnant of the rave generation, scrapes by as a small-time weed dealer. He is a cool, low profile person who would rather have a steady job than continue a life in petty crime. ...

45 Seconds (2019)

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45 Seconds

Devils Elbow (2019)

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Devils Elbow

Canadian Strain (2019)

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Canadian Strain

Depois a Louca Sou Eu (2019)

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Depois a Louca Sou Eu

Blakus (2019)

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Louise and Kaspars meet on a trip to celebrate Midsummer's Eve. They're both running away from their lives; they're young, talented, and lost, and the trip turns into a shared journey through a relationship over the course of 3 years.

90 ML (2019)

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Devadas(Kartikeya) an MBA gold medalist falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki) a physiotherapist. How Devadas faced heroine and her family (Who're anti alcoholic) after they get to know...