Road Trash (2019)

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Road Trash is a short horror film about a girl who is addicted to burying road kill. One day, she unknowingly buries a werewolf. The burial incites the beast and he escapes his grave to stalk the girl around the town she lives in.

The Return of Count Yorga (1971)

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Count Yorga continues to prey on the local community while living by a nearby orphanage. He also intends to take a new wife, while feeding his bevy of female vampires.

Extra-Ordinary Amy (2018)

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A young girl struggles with the loss of her parents in a freak accident as she learns to embrace what she truly loves, dancing, and its chilling consequences.

Killing (2018)

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Set during the tumultuous mid-19th century Edo period of Japan, Killing is the story of a masterless samurai or ronin named Ikematsu Sosuke. As the prevalent peace and tranquility are sure ...

Revenge of Lady Street Fighter (2018)

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Lady Street Fighter is back to take on a new gang of villains.

The Inland Sea (1991)

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In 1971, author and film scholar Donald Richie published a poetic travelogue about his explorations of the islands of Japan's Inland Sea, recording his search for traces of a traditional ...

The Nesting (1981)

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A writer suffering from agoraphobia rents an isolated house so she can concentrate on her writing. She doesn't know that the house is a former brothel, and is inhabited by the ghosts of dead prostitutes.

Mahogany Sunrise (2014)

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A struggling musician falls for a charismatic burlesque dancer while getting entangled with hired guns and a border town gang bent on killing him.

Harlan County U.S.A. (1977)

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A filmed account of a bitterly violent miner strike.

Skybound (2018)

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Five plane passengers are unable to land after a mysterious disaster happened on the ground.

Jagamalla (2019)

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A village ruffian, who settles disputes in his native, takes on a big shot when he tries to sort out the rough patch in his marriage after several years.

Aithe 2.0 (2019)

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The story follows the lives of four unemployed engineers who turn criminals to avenge an anonymous, yet dangerous cybercriminal.

Dasharatha (2019)

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Dasharatha Prasad is a righteous lawyer, who lives with his wife, daughter and son. When his daughter gets placed in a company straight out of college, she finds love in her boss. But this relationship opens up a can of worms that brings out an uneasy episode from Dasharatha’s past.

Facebook wala pyaar (2019)

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Rebelling against the family's generation-old tradition of settling for arranged marriages, Raj Kuwar Chaturvedi (Rahul Bagga) chats a certain Miss Kumari Boby (Nancy Thakkar) up on his new...

Padde Huli (2019)

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Sampath is an aspiring musician hailing from Chitradurga. While his life seems to be pretty much routine as an engineering student, it is when he has to pursue a career in musician that he faces many hurdles and challenges.

Jersey (2019)

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A failed cricketer decides to revive his cricketing career in his late 30's despite everyone being skeptical of his ability to do so.

Sharma ji ki lag gayi (2019)

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Professor Sharma Ji (Brijendra Kala) is quite a prude, but happens to be the sex columnist of 'Jhunjhuna Samachar', a weekly newspaper owned by the wealthy and influential Murli (Krishna ...

Nani’s Gang Leader (2019)

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Nani plays the gang leader of five women belonging to different age groups, helping them to plot revenge.

Ananthu V/S Nusrath (2018)

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Ananthu is advocate belonging to an orthodox Brahmin family, who falls in Love with Nusrath Fathima baig, a Muslim girl. How Ananthu wins his love is the plot. Whole love story revolves in Court and Narrated in a humorous way.

Thumbaa (2019)

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Two painters and a photographer try to stop a forest officer from poaching a tiger.

Upstarts (2019)

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Hoping to do good while making millions, three graduates create a startup. But as business begins to flourish, their own bond starts to fray.

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

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When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by an evil entity in one of the corpses.

Ganika (2019)

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After being in a long and healthy relationship guy decides to propose his girl for marriage. But the proposal night turns in a big shock for both.

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

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The last witch hunter is all that stands between humanity and the combined forces of the most horrifying witches in history.